"It takes a Warrior to heal a Warrior"



Sportsmen for Warriors honors  and helps our Country’s Warriors through custom tailored support and world-renowned Enrichments, Engagements, and Educational & Employment opportunities. 

Warriors are those Active Duty Military, Veteran, and First Responder men and women who selflessly serve our Nation.

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Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Country.
— President JFK



We are Warriors helping and honoring Warriors. And we believe

“It takes a Warrior to heal a Warrior” - Native American Medicine Man

Our Country has an opportunity right now to honor, heal, and help the Warriors that dedicate their lives to serving our Country.  For our future, we must do this. 
"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by our nation." -- George Washington

The same applies to our Warriors serving here at home as First Responders.

Our Warriors sacrifice everyday for our freedom fighting in our Nation’s wars and keeping us safe here at home.  They deserve our recognition for their sacrifice. 

Our Warriors face mental, physical, emotional and external struggles with relationships, family, jobs and so on that often leads to feelings of despair and isolation.  According to the VA, everyday 22 Veterans and 1 Active Duty Military person takes their life.  And everyday, our First Responders respond to horrible tragedies they must mentally, physically, and emotionally deal with.  As George Washington said, it is our duty to heal and honor our Warriors.  


To care for him who shall have borne the battle.
— Abraham Lincoln


Our Pillars of Excellence

Our PILLARS OF EXCELLENCE: Engage, Enrich, and Educate/Employ are geared at providing these Warriors the opportunities they need to gain a new lease on life. Every Warrior is different and through Enriching their life, allowing them a voice and platform to Engage our communities, and/or helping to Educate and Employ them we have and will continue to honor and help our Warrior's lives every day. Sportsmen for Warriors is committed to enhancing the lives of our Warriors and their families for as long as there is a need.




Enrich - Engage - Educate


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We do more than simply say “Thank You” to our Warriors. We give our Warriors a voice and a platform to share their experiences and connect with warriors like them. 

Our Warrior Guardians are on the front lines everyday all over the world helping fellow Warriors.  They are our quick reaction force that deploys immediately whenever there is a Warrior in need. Through the use of technology, social media, and our Warrior networks, we are readily able to reach out to help our fellow Warriors through whatever means necessary. We are Warriors helping Warriors.

Our United strength comes from the stories we  share. Our events connect groups and members of our society with our Warriors in a positive and enriching forum. Bridging the Warrior-Civilian gap will unite and build a stronger future for the United States of America. 

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Our Enrichments are the medium for honoring and helping our Warriors.  We provide our Warriors world class and custom tailored opportunities to help promote healing with other Warriors.

A  recent  study  reported  that  the average  adult  American  spends  less  than one hour per day outside, and the conclusion  of  the  study is that this lack of outdoor activities is detrimental to our  overall  health.  This combined with the other challenges our Warriors face often has dire consequences. 

Our  enrichments  are  as  diverse as our warriors. The activities we provide to Warriors enrich their and their family’s lives.  Our Enrichments give Warrior’s a new outlook, foster new opportunities, and broaden their support base.  


They volunteered to serve our Country, now it’s our turn to honor and help them. Connecting Warriors with the training and education they need to succeed. 

According to a  recent  study and  the Bureau  of  Labor Statistics, post 9/11 Veterans  are 81% more likely to be unemployed than non-veterans (age 20-24). 

We help  our  Warriors  attain  quality education and employment opportunities,  therefore  allowing  our Warriors  to continue  to  serve  our  great  Nation.

Our  Warriors  have  a great  deal  of leadership  and  experience  that  can benefit any organization they join. We help  provide  education  and  training opportunities for those Warriors who do not  currently  have  the  business skills,  training,  or  certifications required to successfully transition into the civilian workforce.

We  help fill  the  critical  shortages America  faces  with  the  motivated, skilled, and quality Warriors seeking those positions.  Our involvement is highly individualized to each Warrior, their needs,  and their future aspirations.