Great White Shark Cage Dive at Guadalupe Island, Mexico

In September we took 20 Warriors on a once-in-a-lifetime Enrichment on a Great White Shark Cage Dive at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.  We are grateful to have spent a whole week at sea with all Combat Veterans including Active Duty Military, Army, Special Operations, Marine Corps, Air Forces, Navy SEALs, and a few dual Warriors serving now as Police.

The stories shared and the bonds made will last forever.  Our belief that “It takes a Warrior to heal a Warrior” was put to the test and proven yet again.  Our Warriors went face to face with the misunderstood apex predator the Great White Shark, took away some cherished memories, and grew their support bases.  Thank you Warriors for your service to our great Country!

Huge shout out to Islander Charters, Inc. and Shark Diving Xperts for the world class adventure.  The crew was absolutely phenomenal and extremely professional.  They are the best shark experts in the business.  We were able to see 17 different Great Whites, a huge feat to include some superstar sharks.  We are so thankful to them for supporting our cause.  

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