FV-Tuna.com Charters showed us an amazing time tuna fishing. Capt Dave Carraro and Sandro Maniaci are absolute professionals and incredible fisherman. Thank you team FV-Tuna.com! We were so grateful we were able to honor four Active Duty Soldiers together with the team on FV-Tuna.com. 


Brandon-an Active Duty Army Soldier? has deployed in support of OEF. He is motivated and dedicated about serving the Country, and is passionate about a career flying helicopters. We cannot wait to see where his drive takes him in the Army. He really enjoyed spending time with other Warriors fishing and meeting Wicked Tuna's stars on the FV-Tuna.com. 

Brantley-an Active Duty Army? Soldier who has also deployed in support of OEF. He is interested in all things aviation?, and excited to pursue an Army career flying. He is youthful, motivated, and excited about his service-and we are excited to keep up with him in the future. An avid fan of Wicked Tuna, Brantley is now all in rooting for F/V-Tuna.com on next season's Wicked Tuna. 

Trent-an ?Active Duty? Army Soldier has three deployments in support of both OIF and OEF. Trent is an outstanding Soldier, and it was a true honor to spend time with him. He absolutely loves everything fishing, and was a dream come true of his. He is also a huge Wicked Tuna fan, so meeting the team on the F/V-Tuna.com was surreal. 

Dave-an Active Duty Army Soldier is passionate about serving his Country. He has deployed in support of both OIF? and ?OEF?. He thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the Warriors? fishing. Dave said that riding on the boat on the open ocean made him feel like a baby being rocked by its mom. 

Thank you to each of our Warriors for their service? to our Country?. Your sacrifices? and service are not unnoticed. We are so grateful to have spent time with you on this enrichment.


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