Happy Independence Day America! Thank you to brave men and women that risked their lives for freedom 239 years ago. This day serves as a reminder for that sacrifice. Today we are surrounded by selfless Warriors that continue that service and believe in those freedoms. We are grateful to the sacrifices and service of all Warriors. Thank you. 

May and June were busy months following our amazing fundraiser with Maverik Adventure's First Stop. We have been busy planning once in a lifetime enrichments for many Warriors for the rest of the year to include hunting, fishing, scuba, diving with Great White Sharks, camping, motocross, college football, basketball, volleyball, and so much more. We have a long list of deserving Warriors, and we working diligently to custom tailor our enrichments to each of them. We are passionate about creating enduring and life long relationships and networks to ensure our Warriors are successful and improve their quality of life. We are so thankful for the busy schedule and high demand for our program, as it is a strong indicator that we are having a huge positive impact. Thank you to everyone that supports our cause. 

We recently launched our Warrior Ambassador Program with two amazing volunteers. Raleigh and Mike are both volunteering to serve as our first Warrior Ambassadors. They are responsible for liaising with new Warriors in our program to get to know them, help determine how we can best honor and help them, and help provide vital support networks to ensure our Warriors are successful. Everyone needs a battle buddy. Raleigh is an Army Veteran and is currently going to college full time. Mike is also and Army Veteran, and now serves as a Police Officer. We have had great success with this program so far and we are looking forward to growing it and positively reaching many more Warriors through this program. The legacy of our Warrior generation will be making sure that we never leave a Warrior behind. It takes a Warrior to heal a Warrior. 

In the upcoming months we have a full calendar of incredible events. We are projecting to honor nearly 400 Warriors and their families directly through our enrichments, as well as through partnerships with other amazing organizations by the end of the year. 

One question we get asked often is 'how does one get on an enrichment?' Very simply, Warrior can nominate themselves or a deserving Warrior on our website under 'Nominate.' The application triggers an intense process on our end to determine how we can best honor or help each Warrior in a completely individualized way. This model is what makes our organization unique because we know that every one of our Warriors is unique so our support needs to be tailored to them. A Warrior is ay Active Duty Military, Veteran, or First Responder.