We had an amazing event on May 2nd! Thank you to Maverik Adventure's First Stop for spearheading an incredible fundraiser. They presented a check to us for over $491k!!! With this generous donation we will be able to help and honor many more Warriors through effective and quality enriching events. We want to especially thank CEO Tom Welch for his audacity to be believe in us and our cause from the very beginning. We would not be where we are today without his faith and support. Additionally, thank you immensely to Crystal Call Maggelet, owner of Maverik, for matching Maverik's fundraiser donations, your generosity is second to none and hugely impactful. Thank you also to everyone who donated and rounded up at Maverik. 

At our event we had the honor of engaging with some inspiring Warriors. Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Clint Romesha shared his harrowing and powerful story about the Battle of COP Keating. Through his words the lives of eight American heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice lives on. We continue to be impassioned by his humble selfless service and courage. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Clint. 

We also heard from MAJ Stoney Portis about the challenges of reconstituting his unit after the difficult Battle of COP Keating. Stoney is an inspiring and motivating speaker, and we are grateful for him. 

Craig Morgan, Country Music Star and Army Veteran also performed at the event. His music is exceptional and spending time with him was inspirational. We cherish the experience we shared with him, and are blessed for his support. Thank you for your service and support, Craig. 

Our United strength comes from the stories we share. This is why we are so passionate about giving our Warriors a voice and a platform to engage others. All those in attendance were inspired by the stories shared.

Our Warriors were also able to enjoy some enriching events during the weekend, which helps enhance healing, connect them with broader support networks, and also helps bridge the military-civilian gap through engaging and storytelling. The Warriors enjoyed Turkey Hunting, Sporting Clay Shoot, and relaxation at the incredible Mower Estate. Thank you for everyone that supported these enrichments-Tom Mower for opening his home and heart to us, Ben Peay, Owen, and Gordon for the turkey hunt, and Paul and John Niemeyer for Sport Clay shoot. 

The American flag was delivered to the event via aerial delivery by all Veteran skydivers with Inspiration Rx. What an amazing and emotional sight to see. Local country star Chris Petersen put on a wonderful performance during dinner, he is sure to be a big name any day. Amazing! Local singers Gentri did an awe inspiring performance of the National Anthem and God Bless America. Thank you to all of you for being a part of our event! 

Thank you to our Event Sponsors- Smith Power Products, Utah Toyota Dealers, Brent Brown Toyota, Bountiful Toyota, Vivint, Byron&Peggy Bateman, Window World, and Ron Jibson. Without your support we could not have made Warrior Weekend successful. We would also like to thank everyone that made generous donations at the event as well. Thank you for everyone who was in attendance at the event. We had over 500 people there!


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