Part Two of our epic Hoyt Archery Enrichment

We just got back from Part Two of our Hoyt Archery: Maker of the World's Best Bows Enrichment for a week of incredible hunting on the Newell and Stasney's Cook ranches with six Warriors. Absolutely amazing experiences for our Warriors, it was truly a once in a lifetime Enrichment. And as you can see they were able to get good use out of the custom bows Hoyt made them earlier this year. Hoyt cares about our Warriors. 
We are so grateful for both the Newell and Stasney's Cook Ranches for opening your arms and hearts to us. Your hospitality truly made this Enrichment meaningful for all of our Warriors. 

Thank you to our Warriors: Dan, Lisa, Mike, Michael, and Jeremy for your service to our great Nation!  Both Lisa and Mike are currently serving our Country as Active Duty Army Soldiers.  Dan was wounded while serving in Iraq, and after being medically retired now works hard to provide for his family.  Both Michael and Jeremy are Army Engineer Veterans also working hard to provide for their families.  We are so grateful for each of them and acknowledge their sacrifices to our Country. Thank you Warriors. Check out the gallery for more great pictures of this hunt.  

Another thank you to everyone that made this Enrichment happen: Hoyt Archery, KC Jones, Billy Hill, Gary Sitton, Jordan Shipley, Wade, JT, Rob, Griff, Rattling Randy, and so many more. if we missed anyone--thank you!

If you missed Part One check out this video Hoyt made about it!