Lake Tahoe Warrior Photography Enrichment

We spent a whole week at Lake Tahoe with Offset Films Owner/Veteran and several Warriors training on photography, filmography, editing, and producing.

This Enrichment was geared at providing our Warriors first class training by a professional producer, real-life applicable education, and Enrichment at an amazing private estate on Lake Tahoe with other Warriors. With the skills gained our Warriors will be able to further their professional and personal capabilities.  Overall this event accomplished all three of our Pillars of Excellence: Engagement, Enrichment, Education.  We look forward to seeing where our Warriors go with their newly learned skills.

We had Warrior representation from the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Army. The time spent getting to know all these Warriors and building bonds was invaluable.  Using the medium of the beautiful estate on Lake Tahoe only added to enrichment our Warriors experienced.  

Thank you to our Warriors for serving our Country. Thank you Alex for donating your expertise and time, and for giving back to our Warrior community.