We headed down to the Keys in Florida for our most recent Enrichment with four Warriors and their families for some much needed R&R! These Warriors dedicate their lives to serving our Country, and we are so glad we could show our thanks by getting them and their families a little break. They relaxed at Hawks Cay Resort and spent some time on the water Deep Sea Fishing on the Final Final with boat Captain Dave Perry. This Enrichment allowed the Warriors time to connect with other Warriors, as well as with their own families. Thank you Mike, Kris, Jenna, and Mike for you service to our Country. 

---Warrior Spotlight--- 

Kris--an Army Combat Veteran who currently serves in the Army National Guard and as a Forest Ranger brought his incredible wife and child down to this Enrichment. Kris has amazing stories, and we are thankful he shared them with us. His commitment to serving the Country and our Warrior community is deeply rooted. We are grateful for his service. 

Jenna--an Army Veteran and single mom of two young kids has been working tirelessly to provide for her family. She loves the water and anything to do with the ocean. We are so grateful for her service to our Country, and happy to have gotten her down to the Keys for a much deserved Enrichment. 

Mike--currently serves as a Police Officer, but is what we call a double Warrior. He previously served in the US Coast Guard for 8 years in their Special Operations group. He is an avid fisher, and a dedicated work horse. We nearly had to force him to take a break! But we are so glad he came and brought his amazing and beautiful wife and kids. Thank you for your service Mike! 

"It takes a Warrior to heal a Warrior"


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